motivator360 - a superior 360 measuring process motivator360 - a superior 360 measuring process


Introducing motivator360 "How can we accurately measure the skills and competencies needed by our employees to achieve our business goals?"

An organization can change only when its people change. The Motivator 360 multi-rater survey supports this process of change by identifying and assessing key competencies needed to achieve business goals.

The Motivator 360 links a company's business goals to specific skills and competencies. It provides a practical method for improving performance and educating participants on desired levels of performance in key areas of their jobs.

A Gap Analysis identifies the difference between the actual and desired competency levels, thereby giving executives information on the strengths and weaknesses of their work force. It also enhances employee development as it raises awareness of variations among performance expectations.

The result of the Motivator 360 is a solid and practical foundation for specific action planning to meet training and career development needs, to prepare for succession planning, and to pursue strategic initiatives.