motivator360 - a superior 360 measuring process motivator360 - a superior 360 measuring process

Another Company's Story

Another Company's StoryThe Challenge

In any company, it is difficult for senior management to get straightforward feedback - especially from direct reports. This is an even greater problem in a family-owned business. For this reason, a large family owned holding company asked PSP to design a 360 feedback tool to provide confidential information on the strengths and improvement needs of each member of the senior management team.

The Responses

The company worked with PSP to identify competencies that reflected the family's vision, values, goals, and executive skill requirements in each of their businesses for the next three years. These competencies were loaded into the Motivator 360, which was administered to 15-20 raters who "surround" each senior executive.

The Result

The Motivator 360 objectively and confidentially confirmed the strengths of each executive. This boosted morale in the executive group, who had wondered if previous feedback was genuine. At the same time, the 360 highlighted the competencies that needed improvement by senior executives in each line of business.

Customized development plans for each executive were provided by PSP to address their specific areas for improvement. A second Motivator 360, administered three years later, confirmed improvement in 82 percent of the competencies measured.