motivator360 - a superior 360 measuring process motivator360 - a superior 360 measuring process

Important Options

  • Important Options The Motivator 360 can be fully customized to incorporate competencies and behavioral skills that are identified by the client company. Alternatively, job-relevant off-the-shelf versions are available.
  • The paired comparison process allows for a Competency Priority Study prior to the Motivator 360 evaluation. With this option, competencies can be ranked in terms of their strategic importance, thus determining the high priority factors for developmental emphasis.
  • Benchmarks can be added to provide an absolute measurement of behaviors to determine where participants reach or do not reach an effective level of performance.
  • Individual graphic feedback in color shows how participants rated themselves, were rated by peers, direct reports, customers, etc.
  • A customized individual development plan is available, providing targeted training activities that have proven effectiveness in business and industry.
  • Feedback training and consulting assistance for follow-up action planning is provided on request, enabling companies to establish in-house skills in Motivator 360 interpretation and application.